Jason (dreammaker182) wrote in think_inc,

I dig Incubus

I am a film major at the University of Alabama... Actually we only shoot with miniDV and soon HD cameras(next semester). I wanted to do the music video for "Dig" and I have the capacity, but I would have logistics issues with getting talent and locations... but I would do it if I had the time and meins. I do have access to Final Cut Pro 5 so I could do a video with the supplied videos, but I don't have the time *finals are next week. I will not have access to our FCP lab after that. I am currently editing a video that I shot for Quick Sand, but it's not impressive. When I started that video I didn't know about the I Dig Incubus project... I wish I knew then what I know now!

I may send in my Quick Sand video to the address listed on the sight any way.

BTW: does anyone know why Incubus didn't include Punch Drunk and Look Alive on Light Grenades? I think the two songs match the album. (well punch drunk is a bit slow)
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